Honey, this natural sweetener often called "the food of gods" is a natural product, a shield for human health and counts centuries of history. Studies have shown that bee-keeping had already flourished since antiquity and the medicinal properties of honey were discovered in Mesopotamia since 2700 b.C. The flying of the bee from flower to flower, its return to the beehive and the wondrous organisation that characterises it, every stage of the production of honey is a field of observation for those not acquainted with the art of bee-keeping.

Carpo London cooperates with very small producers from Greece. Offering the best of nature:

  • Kalymnos thyme honey 250gr
  • ‚ÄčKalymnos thyme honey 750gr
  • Peloponnese fir honey 250gr
  • Honey, bee pollen & royal jelly 250gr
  • Tinos thyme honey 750gr
  • Tinos thyme honey 250gr 

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