Dried fruits

Dried fruits

Premium quality guaranteed: as dried fruits are subject to seasonality, all dried fruits are available in store only when in season. Ask us about your favourite products availability!   

No Added Sugar

Whole, Dried Figs
Whole, Dried Figs stuffed with walnuts
Whole, Dried Nectarines
Whole, Pitted Dried Apricots
Whole, Pitted Dried Prunes
Whole, Stonned Dried King Dates
Dried Mango Slices
Dried, Papaya Slices
Dried Ginger Chunks
Dried Apple chunks    
Dried, Pineapple rings

With Added Sugar

Dried, Strawberry chunks
Dried, Mango slices
Dried, Papaya slices
Dried, Pineapple rings
Dried, Cantaloupe slices
Dried, Kiwi slices
Dried, Apple Chunks with Cinnamon
Dried, Ginger chunks
Dried, Banana chips
Dried, Pomelo
Dried, Hibiscus Flower
Dried, Aloe Vera flakes

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