Taste the difference nature provides!

Handmade, like homemade, delicious, healthy and above all… carpo original! 

Our first range cookies are here, respecting and reflecting our principles: healthy, natural, fresh. Only the best ingredients are being used and no preservatives are added while delicious recipes are selected after many trials. Less sugar, fresh fruit juices as well as fragrant herbs define our new product.

Creamy butter, juicy orange and lemon, aromatic cinnamon, crispy almonds and pistachio and delicious chocolate of course create authentic fresh cookies ideal for all those supporting slow food and natural cuisine.


Plain with butter and orange juice
Peanut butter and cinnamon
Vanilla, chocolate chips and almonds
Granola with cranberries and sunflower seeds
Chocolate and hazelnut filling
Citrus and jam filling


Bianco with pistachios
Cioccolato with almonds

Petit Four

With jam filling & dipped in dark chocolate
Cocoa petit four with jam filling & dipped in dark chocolate


Cinnamon sticks

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