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Coffee beverages served at Carpo London

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Single Macchiato | Double Macchiato

Single Cappuccino | Double Cappuccino | Grande Cappuccino 

Single Latte | Double Latte | Grande Latte 

Flat White 
White Americano

Single Greek Coffee | Double Greek Coffee 
Regular Filter Coffee | Grande Filter Coffee

Freddo Espresso
Freddo Cappuccino
Icel Latte
Iced Mocha
Iced Chocolate

Regular Hot Chocolate
Grande Hot Chocolate

Tea (ask about our falvours)
Tea wtih Greek Honey
Iced Tea with Greek Honey
Soya Milk with Greek Honey

Single Arabic Coffee | Small Arabic Coffee | Large Arabic Coffee 
Karak tea

Enjoy Carpo coffee and beverages at home!

Enjoy some of the finest coffee beans from around the world at Carpo London. You may either buy our delicately ground blends for all kind of coffee makers - ideal for home, or enjoy our blends in house. Everyone should enjoy delicious freshly brewed coffee!

100% Arabica coffee, single origin
For our filtered coffee we have chosen three distinct varieties of Arabica:
ETHIOPIAN:  from Sildamo; Aromatic, with extra acidity and light body.
The Ethiopian blend impacts floral notes, medium body and intense acidity – ideal for after dinner.

COLOMBIAN: from Bucaramanga; Extra acidity; Nut- toned, offers a delicious chocolate aftertaste. The Colombian blend has rich body, medium acidity and a strong, delightfully long aftertaste with hints of caramel - ideal for breakfast!

PAPUA New Guinea: from Sigri AA; Strong after taste; Full body; Aromatic.
The Papuan blend has a rich body, strong aftertaste, with hints of chocolate.

All our filter blends are made with the drip filter method of brewing and the beans are freshly ground to order, to ensure a perfect finish. Ask us to grind your coffee beans for any kind of coffee maker!

100% Arabica
Our espresso blend is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Latin America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia) and Africa (Ethiopia). It has a rich body, intense acidity, strong aftertaste with hints of chocolate. Roasted in house and supplied to you after a 14 day rest period allowing the beans to develop their intense floral aromas. Extra acidity, full body and rich, very strong flavor, offers a nut-toned and chocolate aftertaste.

80% Arabica coffee and 20% Robusta coffee from Brazil, Colombia, India
Everyone deserves a good cup of coffee!

Greek coffee
80% Arabica coffee from Brazil and 20% Robusta coffee from Ethiopia and India
The Greek (ibrik coffee) includes a variety of beans from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which gives the blend its unique fragrant tone. Its combination of a very light roast and a very fine grind, enhances the sense that you are drinking one of the oldest and most traditional types of coffee.


Valrhona, France
The most exquisite cocoa of the world is ready to drink. You should try our secret recipe!


English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Green Tea
Lemongrass & Ginger
Green Tea & Peach
Red Berry & Flower

Middle Eastern Sensations 
Karak tea is a traditional tea invented in India and is boiled blend of black tea with herbs like cardamom and saffron to suit the customers’ tastes and finished off with evaporated milk. It is a famous tea typically enjoyed in the Middle East. 

Arabic coffee is a blend of coffee and herbs like cardamom and saffron boiled over a low heat which is popular in the Middle East and served in a traditional pot called “della”.


Nutritional value of coffee

Black coffee does not have any calories or fats. The addition of sugar, milk or cream and syrups increases the calorific intake in our diets. According to a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Industry, coffee provides the highest antioxidant action of all beverages.

More specifically:

Polyphenols, as antioxidants, are known for their beneficial effect in protecting cells from the negative effect of free radicals, which are products of natural metabolism, but destroy (oxidise) significant cell structures. This is why antioxidants are necessary. All types of coffee contain polyphenols, regardless of their origin, roasting and grinding method, instant and decaffeinated coffee included. Coffee has the highest antioxidant action in total compared even to other beverages known to be rich in antioxidants, such as chocolate and tea.
In a study of the medical school of Mount Sinai in New York, published in the newspaper "To Vima", the consumption of decaffeinated coffee enhanced the memory of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases or age-related dementia.
A study by the Harvard Medical School on a sample of 50,000 nurses, regarding coffee consumption, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that those consuming two to three cups of coffee per day had on average 15% less risk of developing depression, compared to others. Indeed, for those consuming more than four cups per day the risk fell by 20%.
A study by cardiologists of the Medical School of the University of Athens, performed on the island of Ikaria, due to the long life expectancy of its population, since it has more residents over 90 years than average, showed that moderate coffee consumption improves the arteries of patients with hypertension. Moderate consumption is defined as 2 cups per day.
Caffeine activates the nervous system as it is a mild stimulant and the consumption of moderate amounts may improve memory. The EU Scientific Food Committee showed that consuming up to 4-5 cups per day is not associated with adverse health effects in healthy adults. So enjoy with moderation!

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