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New gifts suggestions!

New gifts suggestions!

Redefining luxury: carpo hampers are filled with specially chosen delicacies for every occasion: premium nuts, delicious dried fruits and super foods, state of the art chocolate and Greek honey!

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New product: halva!

New product: halva!

Introducing an amazing new delicacy: Greek halva. Tahini based confection with no sugar and different variations to pleasure all tastes. No added sugar and dairy free!

Join us and indulge!

Organic Greek Chocolate

The cocoa beans are sourced and processed in raw cocoa mass in Peru and Ecuador and then they end up in our factory in Greece where they are handcrafted by our chocolatier.

  • Raw materials of organic farming
  • High quality and organic nutritional valued ingredients
  • No food preservatives
  • Gluten free [no gluten is used in its recipe but cross contamination is unavoidable]
  • Less food processing during production
  • Bio friendly
  • Less chemical substances in one’s system
  • GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) free

Organic chocolate made by unfertilized cocoa beans without the use of weed killers pesticides.

Furthermore, the ingredients used during the production of our organic chocolate like sugar [we only use organic unprocessed cane sugar in our chocolates], milk, vanilla, nuts, fruits, spices, etc. are also products of organic farming.

This means that the selection and consumption of organic chocolate; the ingredients of which originate from our physical environment instead of the conventional chocolate are directly affecting our health. This is the result of organic farming which preserves and replenishes the soil (cocoa trees, sugarcanes, fruits, animal food for the animals that produce the organic milk etc.) without the use of pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers.

*All mentioned above do not undermine the extremely high quality chocolate we have been offering in our shop till now. In both cases we have been using and will carry on using high quality ingredients without adding artificial food colouring nor using alternative types of neither oils nor any other substances in order to replace the cocoa.

During the research and selection of the finest chocolate, we chose to offer a certified high quality chocolate made by original and unique ingredients. That way we combine their quality and nutritional value together so we can move one step forward and offer the ultimate luscious pleasure.

Carpo loves fashion!

Carpo loves fashion! When it comes to an innovative Greek designer and one of the biggest fashion schools in London, we could not feel any more happy to treat all guests with our delicacies! 

Mary Katrantzou took The Industry’s hot seat at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to talk through her distinctly unique path from kaleidoscopic, hyper-real optical patterns to demi-couture artistry with legendary Parisian embroiders, Lesage.
Leading London fashion journalist, Davina Catt of British Vogue,, Violet and Interview Magazine, sat down with the designer and Industry members to find out how Katrantzou plans to take her fashion business beyond print. 

Mary Katrantzou, the queen of Trompe-l'œil, as legendary Suzy Menkes once said about her, managed, in less than 5 years, to change fashion worldwide and have her business grown by 300% a year. With a celebrity following that includes mega-stars such as Beyoncé and Rihanna and over 300 wholesale accounts worldwide, what is it about Katrantzou’s designs that capture the imaginations of stylists, fashion editors and buyers alike? 

All guests indulged Carpo nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. It will be a night to remember! 

Elena Andreou, Mary Katrantzou and Zanis Chalas

Round trays with Carpo dried fruits, nuts and pralines for the fashionistas! 


Energy bars

Energy bars are a convenient, on-the-go snack to toss in your gym bag and the ideal delicacy to kick off your day! 

Plenty of flavour, fibre and most important: no secret ingredients! Carpo energy bars are made with rolled oats, almonds, apricots, chia seeds and thyme honey. You guessed right: no sugar added! 

Whether you use these healthy energy bars as a pre-workout snack or to refuel and recover post-workout, they’ll give your body what it needs. 

Nuts about summer!


We welcome August in the most delicious way! #nutsaboutsummer contest is all about your summer memories: all you have to do is post your summer photo on Instagram, mentioning Carpo  instagram account and using #nutsaboutsummer hashtag and get the chance to win a unique Carpo hamper (£ 50). 


The contest ends on August 31st and the winner will be announced on the 3rd of September. Start posting! 

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